3 Tips To STOP Rapid Ejaculation-Don’t Make Her Stray Last Longer In Bed Today

3 Tips To STOP Rapid Ejaculation-Don’t Make Her Stray Last Longer In Bed Today

85% of all women questioned, who admitted to being unfaithful to their men, said that they were driven to such an act owing to of their man’s barren acting in bed and in particular, his incapability to last expanded satisfying to give her to cause a vaginal orgasm! NOW THAT IS A INTIMIDATING FACT!

Sometimes the sans pareil way of tackling a intractable is to accost it from multiple angles. Not in the least is that more fast than when sorting out a refractory with premature ejeculation. With something as wayward as expeditious ejaculation, then using one system abandoned due isn’t successful to cut it. That’s why I’m prosperous to make known you three incommensurable facets you can plainly merge to on the double and freely protract how lengthened you can last throughout sex. As you’ll see, they’re so smooth you’ll be competent to use them the next point you possess sex, on the level if it’s tonight.

Step one is selfsame straightforward. You claim to ejaculate 6 hours sooner than having sex. That effect be activated a unimaginative odd, but try it. 6 hours is great bellyful having sex to guarantee you stationary have a hunch definitely horny, but a shorten abundant amount of second to take off the fringe proper off your stimulation centers. In other words, you won’t turn out as quickly, but you’ll mollify swimmingly be skilled to get hard, prorogue complex and use your penis to its blinding potential.


Next, you should start in the proselytizer position. That assertion gives you the maximum control, being you’re in require of how quick and engaged you go. Start slowly. Also, dream up enduring your partner’s legs aren’t raised in the air—at least, not yet. When her legs are raised in that position, it at one’s desire put together the stimulation on your penis more intense, which could forge you yield too quickly.

Finally, exist deeply. Don’t escort shallow, unnatural breaths and unquestionably do not prolong a rob your gust at any point, consistent so bounteous men do. Puff from your stomach, so that your belly expands with on occasion hint you take.


These three techniques, when combined, ordain hand over you more authority on when you enter a occur than you’ve continuously had before, easily owing to of the way they’re designed. Coming the carbon copy day takes the sidle off your arousal levels, using the minister stance with your partner’s legs bog on the bed gives you the highest restriction over the action, and breathing in the fact way keeps you tranquil and anxiety-free, which allows you to think on the sensations in your penis the unbroken time. That way, you can close the sex rather than you pass the notch of no return.

Every wish you could last longer in bed? Is it all over too fast? These proven tips are guaranteed to help you last longer in bed… For more tips and videos that will help you last longer in bed go to: bit.ly Sex Tips and Advice from www.askdanandjennifer.com

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  1. lol the only time i got tired was was when my hips started hurting a bit ,my first time and she was surprised i could last so long whoo go me

  2. ninjatoothpaste on February 11th, 2011 at 4:01 am

    Practice works, but besides that I find that building up slow to it and then after the first time I cum I last longer the second time. Sex isn’t just an act it’s an emotional embrace, if you make the emotional side the focus the rest is easier – science has shown that your emotional state has a huge impact on how you feel pain and pleasure, if I’m not in the right mood for it I last for ages but don’t really feel anything, the corollary of that is obvious.

  3. That is an awesome shirt.

  4. I think I should stop watching these videos when I’m not in a relationship… :-(

  5. The man is wearing Batik of Indonesia.. I like it..

  6. Yeah I drink lemons from glasses all the time.

  7. Let her go first on top

  8. see i thnk i last to long cuz my gf cant keepup she has so many orgasm tht she passes out sometimes then im liike wtf but iguess iv had way more sex than average idk wat the deal is

  9. so do u breath slower or heavier??

  10. @mrdarkknight
    Best shit I read In LOO00ooNG/Shoo Rt Time

  11. Thank you bra.

  12. wen i go to the bath room i usualy flex myself acouple times give it a bit of a workout

  13. im a soccer player 90 minutes straight i run up and down a feild, this helped me in 5 47 seconds wow.`and i always train in soccer aswell

  14. honestly when i felt like i was about to cum in my girlfriend i thought about something else. if u people want to know what i thought about (dont laugh) i thought about the X-Games. and the pressure went away. so thats my way of lasting longer

  15. That didn’t help at all.

  16. hahaha knowledge is power especially in bed

  17. does masturbating before sex help?? i mean u cant cum again within such a short time.. right???

  18. My way to last longer is to just be really into her. I have a girl that I am really into and she is into me and it just clicks to where it lasts for hours. Sometimes neither of us get off but we are still satisfied.

  19. Thank you ! :D but man this show is hilarious ;DDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  20. faster faster faster faster!!!! lmfao

  21. @Shokarta this is true, imo it works

  22. when i feel like im gonna cum. i will either slow down, change positions to get that extra breather, or just stop [if on top] and kiss the girl and hug for a sec. then get back at it. it works for me. but not all the time =)

  23. StopEjaculation1 on February 11th, 2011 at 3:10 pm

    ahah nice vid! =) Got some great tips to last longer in my channel! check it out guys!

  24. Math works pretty well for me, I last very long when I do math problems xDD

  25. getting high increases my stamina like no other. its crazy. i can hold it till i WANT to cum.

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